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Do all the good you can By all the ways you can In all the ways you can In all the places you can - John Wesley

GoVolunteerIndia provide 2 to 6 month unpaid internship placements and researchopportunities for individuals who are interested in working with one ofIndia’s many non-profit organizations while at the same time gainingvaluable career experience and skills for an increasingly globalworkplace. You will be able to take part in a rewarding workplaceexperience as you work with an NGO that serves India’s immensedevelopment need. If you are a college student, you might also be ablereceive credit through your respective college or university.

Use the Browse Opportunities feature to find an internship that interests you. You can also write to us at for customised internship opportunities.

Volunteer SpeakSpotlight

The experience taught me a lot and really broadened my perspective. GoVolunteerIndia was very supportive the entire time and mixed with its volunteers to ensure that their placement fulfilled their expectation.

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