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GoVolunteerIndia Experience

We specialize in volunteering in India!

The GoVolunteerIndia Experience is unique in the way it connects volunteers with opportunities. Even before you arrive, our team will assist you in identifying a suitable volunteering placement. Working with you to identify your skills and interests, we will find a placement with a local NGO partner that is based on your preferences.

We provide all of the groundwork you require so that you can have a comfortable and safe volunteering experience.  Our services include


Transportation, Accommodation, and Food Arrangements

We provide you with transportation to your placement, modest housing, and food for no cost outside of the program fees. If you are interested, we can also arrange for hotel accommodations but we must go through estate agents who charge a brokerage to do so.  GoVolunteerIndia doesn't get any commission or money from the estate agents; we just ensure that you are introduced to some reliable agents.


Pre-departure Information

We will send you information on what you need to know about Indian culture before coming and suggestions on what to pack.  We will also help you in acquiring a VISA, cheap plane tickets, and vaccinations.


Airport Pick-Up & Drop-Off

We will organize airport pickup and have someone waiting for you when you arrive.  We will also transport you back to the airport when you are departing.


In-country Safety & Support

The care and protection of our volunteers is our chief focus. We are entirely committed to operating the safest programs possible and ensuring the safety of our volunteers. Our orientation session provides you with information on volunteering, surviving in India, and cultural dos and don’ts. A trained Project Manager also oversees your volunteer experience and our expert staff has received training on emergency policies and procedures. We provide the phone numbers of our staff, who can be reached any time during the day or night and contacted for any urgent matters. Our staff will also periodically visit you in your placement to see how things are going.

We assure that we will be there for you every single moment of your experience, beginning right from your arrival.


Mid-term Review and Final Assessment

We provide a mid-term review in order for you to evaluate your opportunity and to make sure everything is going well. At the end, we also provide a final assessment to understand what works and to find ways to improve our programs.

Project Continuity

We recruit volunteers on behalf of other organizations in the country, which eases their burden of looking for volunteers and, consequently, helps them focus better on their projects. We promise them a continued supply of labor for the projects, thereby, improving their efficiency and enabling them to make more aggressive future plans.


A Quality Experience

Each of our partners has undergone a credibility review in order to ensure organizational integrity.  Each partner organization also has an individual trained to work with international volunteers.


We give prime importance to the preparation of our volunteers, with our partners specializing in their recruitment and training. Give us an opportunity to find the right projects tailored to your interests, budget, skill, and timeframe, and we will promise to give you a quality volunteering experience.


Volunteer SpeakSpotlight

The experience taught me a lot and really broadened my perspective. GoVolunteerIndia was very supportive the entire time and mixed with its volunteers to ensure that their placement fulfilled their expectation.

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