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Volunteer Charter

Nothing liberates our greatness like the desire to help, the desire to serve.-Marianne Williamson

Volunteers are entitled to

  • be informed of all issues regarding their placement before departing
  • receive the necessary training to be an effective volunteer
  • be treated fairly and not to be discriminated against
  • know who they are responsible to
  • receive support and supervision
  • stop at any time

Volunteers are expected to

  • be aware of their job description before departing
  • attend the training sessions
  • be sensitive to Indian culture and practices
  • dress and act appropriately for the Indian workplace
  • be flexible and willing to adapt
  • be clear about time commitment
  • report any serious incidents
  • give written feedback on completion of the assignment

Volunteer SpeakSpotlight

The experience taught me a lot and really broadened my perspective. GoVolunteerIndia was very supportive the entire time and mixed with its volunteers to ensure that their placement fulfilled their expectation.

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