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India Factsheet

India Factsheet

India attracts approximately 5 million tourists every year. It is a safe country in which to travel but as in any foreign environment the onus is on the individual to follow the local law and customs. All the volunteering schemes are based in non-conflict areas and are vetted by the organisation on a regular basis. A project officer is assigned to each volunteer whose responsibility is to ensure that the individual has a safe experience.

India is many things to many different people – the cradle of spirituality, the birthplace of yoga or the home of the snake charmer! It also has a darker side which is inextricably linked to India’s image.

  • 28% of the population cannot meet their daily food needs
  • 0.3% of 15-49 year old are living with HIV/AIDS
  • Farmer’s are committing suicide due to failed crops
  • 53% of children have experienced some form of sexual abuse
  • A crime is committed against a woman every 3 minutes
  • Beggary is an increasing problem in all age groups

These facts are a stark reality faced by millions of people in India. It is not a hopeless situation as there is approximately 1.5 million NGO’s working to reverse this situation. Through volunteering you could help change these statistics.

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The experience taught me a lot and really broadened my perspective. GoVolunteerIndia was very supportive the entire time and mixed with its volunteers to ensure that their placement fulfilled their expectation.

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